Rebuilding Lives With Ketamine

Ketamine Colorado Springs is pioneering the use of ketamine infusion therapy to treat mental health conditions. Contact us today so we can help you too.

Innovative New Treatment For Depression, Chronic Pain, & PTSD

Ketamine works differently than traditional antidepressants. Ketamine immediately reduces stress and makes patients feel less lost, confused, and overwhelmed. This creates a window of clarity in which they can seek help and respond better to traditional therapy and counseling.

Immediate results in patients with refractory depression

Dramatic improvements in mood within hours

Effective treatment when other treatments fail

Especially useful in suicidal patients when time is of the essence

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About Us

Ketamine Colorado Springs was established with a mission to provide specialized treatment for depression and PTSD to active duty family members and Veterans.

Dr’s Jeff and Jana Gainok saw a way to effectively provide relief using a non-traditional medication. In collaboration with Dr’s Chuck and Rae Ann Weber, the vision to create a clinic using ketamine to treat the most severe cases of treatment resistant depression and PTSD was born.

What is Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

Ketamine is recognized as the safest, most widely used anesthetic in the world. It's an FDA approved Schedule III anesthetic that has been used on both humans and animals for over 50 years. It's also been commonly used with young children.

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See What Our Patients Are Saying

I have suffered with refractory depression for decades. Multiple medications, TMS and ongoing psychotherapy have offered intermittent, temporary relief. I researched ketamine as a possible next step and came accross Dr. Jeff Gainok and Dr. Jana Gainok of Direct Care. I found them to be very knowledgeable and compassionate. I completed 6 treatments and have experienced much relief. My cyclical negative thoughts and suicidal ideation have nearly disappeared and I am enjoying more mental clarity. My CPTSD and anxiety have improved. I have also noticed an improvement in my fibromyalgia pain. Dr. Jeff explained that results vary among patients and I may need maintenance treatments and it's reassuring to me to know that I have that option. The staff are very committed to providing a safe and comfortable treatment experience.

If you are considering ketamine treatments, I highly recommend Dr. Jeff Gainok and Dr. Jana Gainok at Direct Care!


I have suffered from chronic depression for than 30 years. I have managed it with SSRI medication and lifestyle (medication, exercise, etc.) Recently those techniques stopped working and my depression increased significanty. A friend told me about the success she had with ketamime infusions. I contacted Family Care Center / Direct Care for a consultation. Dr. Jeff and his crew were super helpful and professional.They answered all my questions and I started a series of six infusions. I started feeling better almost immediately! In fact, with the permission of my primary care provider, I have stopped taking my antidepressant.

I am so hopeful that this protocol will continue to help me manage my depression and would highly recommend Dr. Jeff Gainok and Family Care Center / Direct Care.


I have had Extreme Depression since I was very young. I have spent my life trying tons of different medications and either not seeing any difference or haveing a really bad reaction to the meds. Last year I was in a very bad horse riding accident where I was dragged down the road about a quarter of a mile before I was kicked in the head and left to walk home. My depression go so much worse, very very quickly after that. I went back to trying depression meds and had even worse reactions to the meds than before. I was so frustrated that suicide was looking like the only option to make the feelings and thoughts go away. I had given up on trying and I had almost no fight left in me. My husband had mentioned Ketamine Infusions to me but I'm a huge baby when it comes to needles so I said no... After spending the weekend in the hospital... I decided that I would try the ketamine infusions as a last resort. I was so scared about the experience but Dr. Jeff and his wife Dr. Jana went out of their way to make me feel as comfortable as I could. The Ketamine was rough on me and I spent 5 of the 6 Infusions very sick during the Infusions but I was starting to actually feel better so I toughed it out and finished all 6 Infusions. The last Infusion went really well, I Didn't get sick and was able to recover a little more quickly than the last 5. It's been about two weeks since I finished my 6th Infusion and I can honestly say that I don't remember the last time I have ever felt this good. My suicidal thoughts are gone and I don't feel like I'm white knuckling my way through the day every day anymore. I actually rode my horse for the first time this past weekend since my accident last year. Just that in and of itself is a miracle. Dr. Jeff and Dr. Jana gave me my life back. I will never be able to say thank enough to either of them. If you are considering this treatment, Please at least make an appointment to talk to Dr. Jeff and Dr. Jana about this form of therapy. Thank You so so much for giving me my hope back. What you both do is going to make a huge difference for people like myself who had lost all hope.


I can't recommend Ketamine Colorado Springs enough, it literally save my life. Dr's Jeff and Jana Gainok are in the practice for the right reason and it shows. They are passionate about their patients and truly take the time to get to know you. They are the lowest priced around to try and help the most people they can, a rare thing to find. In addition, they are extremely flexible with scheduling and considering it has to do with mental health, I was able to get in ASAP.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety severely over the past ten years. antidepressants have seemed to work temporary for me but caused a long list of unpleasant side effects and than would stop working, bringing my world crashing down again and I would be put on another antidepressant and/or anti-anxiety medication. This was a vicious cycle for me and I was desperate to find more help. This is what led me to look into alternative therapies. I started doing a lot of research, journal articles not Dr. google; I'm a nurse after all, and quickly learned I had to give Ketamine a try. The research on this amazing medication is overwhelming.

Now for the Ketamine itself, after one infusion all suicidal ideation was gone. This was incredible for me as I had entered an extremely scary world of daily suicidal thoughts. After two infusions, I noticed the dark cloud that had been over my life, even after being on my fourth different antidepressant in ten years, was finally lifted. Now that I have finished my six ketamine infusion protocol, I truly can't recommend it and these wonderful Drs enough. As I said earlier, I truly don't believe I would be here right now without finding this alternative therapy to antidepressants. I have such a positive outlook on my life now and still not one suicidal thought.

I can't thank Dr. Jeff and his wife Dr. Jana enough for their practice. During this difficult time in my life, they walked along side me and were more than welcoming. Dr. Jeff doesn't like to play a hero card when it comes to Ketamine or his military career, but you deserve the recognition of saving my life, and for that I will forever be grateful for!